Tips to Get Best Out of Your Vitamins

CB060657Multivitamins have become so popular in the modern age because most of us do not take a balanced diet.

This is the very reason that raises the importance of minerals and food supplements.

Besides the nutritional value of these food supplements, these are being used to get significant health benefits.

Some of the most important reasons to get these vitamins include;

For getting full benefits from food needed for healthy growth. To get a healthy vision particularly in case of  night blindness.

  • Prevention against various cancers
  • For the maintenance of healthy nervous system
  • Keep in order the production of red blood cells
  • To strengthen the bones and prevent osteoporosis
  • Proper clotting of blood and healing of wounds
  • Cut the risk of developing heart diseases
  • To help the production of DNA and RNA
  • Keep the immune system strong
  • Protect body from oxidative damages
  • Prevent the symptoms and help to fight against diabetes

As it is clearly shown from the above vital bases, for taking the multivitamins and food supplements, these supplements are a part and parcel, to maintain a sound health.


After knowing the importance of these vitamins, the most important thing is to know the fact that all of these vitamins and minerals are not benevolent. Some of these work against other by spoiling its benefits. Out of all, some require to be used with food, and some must be avoided after taking certain things. There are some guidelines to get the most out of these nutritional supplements:

  • Iron tablets are not easily absorbed. So they should be taken with Vitamin C, or liquids or edibles rich in Vitamin C like citrus fruits
  • The inclusion of mineral supplements is obstructed by tea and coffee so avoide to take these together
  • Fat soluble vitamins like Vitamin A, D, and E require food to be absorbed well. So these should be used along food
  • The vitamins which may essentially provide better absorption are time-released vitamins
  • Chelated minerals which are linked with organic compounds like picolinates, citrates, or amino acids have better tendency of absorption than those associated with inorganic compounds such as phosphates and sulfates
  • Natural Vitamin C and synthetic Vitamins C are equivalently used by the body
  • Excess of Iron, Selenium, and Zinc can be toxic for the body
  • Stomach can be disturbed with the too much intake of Vitamin C
  • Calcium supplements work well with magnesium and it is advised that these should be taken with magnesium. So mostly good quality calcium supplements already have it
  • If Zinc is taken in excess, it should be coupled with copper as well
  • Absorption of Zinc is reduced by Iron supplements, so they should be avoided to be taken at a time
  • The inclusion of  vitamin E can be reduced by high dosed of iron supplements
  • The people who are on anti-coagulant medications such as warfarin should not take vitamin E supplements
  • Calcium supplements should be avoided if someone has cancer or kidney stone
  • Vitamin E is better absorbed when is taken in natural forms as compared to synthetic vitamin E
  • Vitamin E supplements and coenzyme Q10 may be proved beneficial for the women on oral contraceptives
Tips to Get Best Out of Your Vitamins
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