Two Common Anti Biotics with Birth Defects

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These are two really common anti biotics with some heavy birth defects found to be one of their causes. This comes as a cross of placental bacteria that spreads quickly and affects the child.

There have been no medications created which would bring some similar relief as to that of the anti biotic. But this has been a rather surprise link with the treatment of the new urinary tract infections coming over in order to correct the birth deficiencies.

There are bacterial infections and growth that have come to cause several problems for both mother and baby. But nothing can be done if any trace of virus is left uncured before it spreads further ahead into the thick of things. This is really one abominable hazard that can spread and affect mother and child in a severe way. Expectant mothers are in fact told to avoid antibiotics as much as they can.

The types of antibiotics for major concern are from Macrobid, Furadantin, Bactrim and Thiosulfil Forte.

Two Common Anti Biotics with Birth Defects
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