Visual Action Games Sharpen Up Hallucination

child-playing-video-gamesA new study has revealed that fast-paced video games help in improving vision. The researchers observed that apart of being detrimental to eyesight, shoot’em games like Call of Duty, Left 4 Dead or Counter Strike offer superb training to contrast sensitivity.

Contrast sensitivity is the capability to detect minute changes in shades of grey adjacent to even surroundings, and is crucial to routine activities such as reading or night driving. This ability is found to be degraded with age.

As in action games, players usually target and shoot figures which appear abruptly on a computer screen, the same phenomenon involves in the correction for at the level of the eye optics in order to achieve better contrast detection by glasses or laser surgery, one of the researchers explained.

“It is quite surprising that without making this correction by medical aid, we can help our brain to use the information effectively which is received from our retina”, the lead researcher said.

Now the most important question is how to put a limit on playing action games? In order to get benefits from these rather receiving harmful effects, because excess of everything can lead towards unwanted outcomes.

Visual Action Games Sharpen Up Hallucination
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