Your bad memories and fears may not last long

fearsA new study on a widely used blood pressure pill is considering it helpful in weakening and eradicating bad or fearful memories or phobias. Merel Kindt, a psychologist at the University of Amsterdam has conduct the research on a group of volunteers who used found themselves free from the fear they had after taking the medicines.

It is said that the awful memories were weakened by the generic beta-blocker propranolol. Hence the medicine may be used for the treatment of those suffering from post- traumatic stress disorder and other psychological problems of fearful memories.

As it has been observed during studying animals that fear memories are changed by recalling, the miracle of reconsolidation. The researchers are of the view that at this stage,the beta blokers like propranolol target neurons in the brain and complement the function of reconsolidation.

After given the drug when the people under experiment were examined found with less fear response as compared to the group with placebo still having the mild shock of fear. It is concluded that the pill might have some effects of weakening the underlying memory by changing its approach towards fear.

Now the questions are to observe the period of its effectiveness on the memory last and to use it as a treatment for those having any kind of fear or phobia actually.

Your bad memories and fears may not last long
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