Miami VA: Steps Taken to Prevent Contamination

miami-vaContraction of various illnesses by numerous patients at several VA hospitals has become a cause of worry in the recent times. Contamination of medical equipment is believed to be the main cause for the same. There has been a furor ever since the news broke out. The contamination problem remained unchecked till the time 5 patients were tested as HIV positive and 33 patients tested positive for hepatitis.

In order to keep a check on the situation, top Veterans Affairs official, Miami are now taking strict steps in order to prevent the contamination problem. As per Mary D. Berrocal, director of the Miami VA Healthcare System, experts have been hired to ensure that the medical equipment works properly and does not serve as the source of medication. More than 11,000 people treated at three VA medical centers have been notified to get follow-up blood checks in order to ensure that they have not contracted the infection.

An investigation is on in order to find out the root cause of the contamination problem. The complete report of the investigation would be submitted to he House Veterans’ Affairs Committee in a few days or weeks.

Numerous other efforts are being made to spread contamination via medical equipment or mingling of body fluids. While steps are being taken to control contamination, Mary D. Berrocal says that the priority is to treat the illness irrespective of where and how one procured it.

It is important that the contamination problems be checked as it could pose serious health hazards otherwise.

Miami VA: Steps Taken to Prevent Contamination
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