Sodexo Has a New Take on Nutrition

Sodexo NutritionThe company, Sodexo, has its new plan of School Services Alliance for a Healthier Generation’s Guidelines to raise the bar of nutritional consciousness for children. They are determined to instill the value of important nutritional adjustments and assessments to change the nature of childhood obesity that has been bringing down the fun of childhood.

Sodexo serves more than ten million customers daily which include health care houses, schools, colleges, camps, government offices, long term care, day care, retirement centers, remote site places, corporate sectors and so on. Sodexo Inc. is located in Gaithersburg, Md. and serves a huge wide range of places.

They are a member of the Sodexo Group and also fund the administrative group’s costs.

Sodexo Serves

The Sodexo Foundation is now an independent venture but in their attempt to bring down childhood obesity levels, they have been teaming up with two other companies. This group was founded in 1999 and was able to fight hunger in America with their grants. Their funds came to be higher than $11 million.

Sodexo Cafeterias

According to their new agreed terms, Sodexo will only offer meals with age proportion sizes. They will include their products in cafeterias, snack carts and school meals of course, so that there is no sneaking of other unhealthy products. It has been determined by their plan that the caloric appropriations would be wholesome and nutritious unlike the empty junk offered by most processed food.

Lorna Donatone of Sodexo has affirmed that the whole venture is to bring back well being in to the children’s lives.

Sodexo Has a New Take on Nutrition
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