Why Waxing may be Harmful to You

methods of hair removalWaxing is one of the oldest methods of hair removal, and while it leaves your skin smooth and shiny and totally free of hair, you must always look closer. Because did you know that waxing has lots of side effects? In this article, we tell you about a few, and explain in detail. Yes, waxing is probably the more preferred among the methods of shaving, plucking, etc., but it leads to some unwanted effects. One major side effect is that the skin often loses its elasticity and suppleness – because of regular waxing. This is probably because the wax is ripped off by a strip, after the application. You might also notice the formation of wrinkles, in areas that you wax often. Yes, waxing increases the risk of forming wrinkles, and this is due to the first side-effect, because of loss of skin’s suppleness and elasticity.

Women who wax their skin have noticed irritation and redness, and when these symptoms were taken to the doctors, the tests point to waxing as the cause. Irritation in the skin is not uncommon, but a possible remedy for this is application of ice on the area immediately after waxing. Other skin problems among the side-effects of waxing include rashes, slight reddish bumps, and even subcutaneous bleeding – these effects are mostly noticed in people who have overly sensitive skin. Another prominent side effect is the darkening of the skin – this happens when the wax has been overheated – slight burns are caused, looking like brownish red spots. However, this usually fades out over time. Skin infections and allergic reactions are not uncommon among the side effects of waxing. Infections are caused by applying infected wax, or even through the use of unclean products (dirty knife or dirty waxing strips). Those who are allergic to wax and its products, will of course show allergic reactions – this is another side e
ffect of waxing. The effect may range from slight rash to folliculitis. Sometime, there may be pustules in the waxed area. A major side-effect you should be aware of is the risk of getting ingrown-hairs, this is due to the fact that waxing is done on the opposite direction the hair grows in.

Yes, if waxing is done improperly, or by an untrained professional, then many adverse side-effects may be observed. Everything comes with both a good side and a bad side, and while waxing is a great method to remove that unwanted hair, it may also have slight scarring effects, or even hyper pigmentation (when the skin becomes extremely dark). Sometimes, there may be a risk of the hair follicles getting inflamed – this condition is called Folliculitis. There may be reddish spots on the area that has been waxed, and some people have been known to experience inflammation around the ingrown hair. It is always important that waxing should be done by an experienced person, and if you are going to do it yourself, then do it properly. Knowing the tips and suggestions about proper waxing treatment can ensure that not only are you hair-free, you are side-effect free!

Why Waxing may be Harmful to You
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