Yoga May Give Relief in Breast Cancer Treatment

practice-yoga-jgp-123A study on the women, with breast cancer, found that those who adopted mind-body therapies like yoga during breast cancer treatment, felt more calm and peaceful as compared to the women who did not do so. Emotional health of the cancer patients can be improved by practicing yoga.

The researchers took 44 women who were undergoing or already undergone to breast cancer treatment and made some of them to attend restorative yoga classes. When they analyzed the condition of their mental health, became surprised to find greater improvements in emotional side such as depression, positivism and spiritualism. These women felt more calm and peaceful and less tiredness than those who did not practice yoga.

It is a great blessing for the women who experience stress and distress at a high level during breast cancer to feel better and energetic during the cancer treatment and cope with the effects of the treatment.

Evidence is very strong in the favor of mind-body therapies that they can improve mood, quality of life and symptoms appear in the patients while undergone cancer treatment.The researchers are very enthusiastic after knowing the promising results of the experiment and aiming at the large scale study on the same pattern.

Yoga May Give Relief in Breast Cancer Treatment
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